Grants / Interest Free Loans


Grants are only considered where there is clear evidence of financial hardship or difficulty. Each case is assessed, and discussed on its own merit with a full financial breakdown provided by the applicant.

The Management Committee will provide grants to the most deserving cases.

Interest Free Loans

Loans are subject to strict guidelines with a clear case of need/hardship being established. Loans for Debt Cases cannot be supported by the Fund. Please refer to your Benevolent Fund Representative or the Fund administrator for further details.

The administrator of the Fund can be contacted on the following numbers, 028 9076 4215.

Rowland Betty Charitable Foundation

The Rowland Betty Charitable Foundation was originally established in May 1985 following a donation of £5,000 from Thomas Victor Betty, Squadron Leader in the Royal Air Force (retired), for the purpose of awarding a number of small grants each year to deserving cases.

These Grants have been inactive for a number of years, but following the death of both Squadron Leader Betty and his wife Zena, a further donation has been made to the RUC GC – PSNI Benevolent Fund, which will facilitate the good work of the Charitable Foundation.

Selection Criteria

1. Children must be under 21 years of age on 01 January (on year of application) of a serving member, or former member of the RUCGC or PSNI, and;
2. Are worthy in the opinion of the Selection Panel, to merit assistance or support in the study, or research, into the Arts and Music Education, and;
3. Are able to convince the Selection Panel of the worth of their project, and of their ability and indication to make full use of the Grant.
4. Serving members must be subscribed to the RUC GC – PSNI Benevolent Fund/Retired members must have subscribed to the RUC GC – PSNI Benevolent Fund during service and at the time of retirement.

Terms to Note:

(i) Maximum 6 Bursaries Per Annum;
(ii) The value of each shall be £500;
(iii) Applications are assessed bi-monthly. If no applications are received, or no applicant is successful, then awards will be carried into subsequent assessment panels;
(iv) First Applications will be assessed in April 2016;
(v) The Panels Decision is Final;

Application forms can be obtained from the RUC GC – PSNI Benevolent Fund Administrators at:
The Rowland Betty Charitable Foundation
RUCGC – PSNI Benevolent Fund
77-79 Garnerville Road

T: 028 9076 4200