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Handbook of Police Care Organisations Booklet

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RUCGC Widows Association

The Association was formed to support widows in coping with their children in Welfare and Educational matters where necessary. Our aim is to organise events and provide comfort for widows and their families.

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Royal Ulster Constabulary George Cross Foundation

The functions of the Foundation allow it to look back on a long, proud history of policing and to look forward by supporting current serving officers. In particular, it will remember sacrifice and service and preserve the name of the RUC GC in the policing world.

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National Police Memorial Day

The National Police Memorial Day aims to:

  •  Remember police officers who have been killed or died on duty
  • Demonstrate to relatives, friends and colleagues of fallen officers that their sacrifice is not forgotten
  • Recognise annually the dedication to duty and courage displayed by police officers

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Police Dependants’ Trust

The Police Dependants’ Trust gives grants to help ease the additional pressures police families face when a police officer has been killed or injured on duty. To date, we have been able to help around 7000 people.

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Police Rehabilitation and Retraining Trust

We support thousands of retired and retiring police officers to create the future they want after policing. We make a difference to people’s lives by helping them to feel as mentally and physically well as possible. Together, we work in partnership with you to help you see how valuable your skills are to others, and how, with our training support, you can achieve your personal and professional potential.

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Northern Ireland Retired Police Officers Association

Aims of the NIRPOA:

  • Examine matters affecting members welfare
  • Safeguarding pension rights and interests
  • Specialist advice on pension and allowances
  • Representations on local, national and UK relevant bodies
  • Ensuring equality of treatment
  • Liaison with Central/Local Government

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Northern Ireland Police Fund

Its remit is to provide support to those police officers injured as a result of terrorist violence, and their families, and the widows, children and parents of officers killed in terrorist incidents.

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Disabled Police Officers Association

The Association’s objectives are to promote the relief and benefit of the members of the Disabled Police Officers Association of Northern Ireland (hereinafter called the Association) who have received serious personal injury whether physical or mental whilst in service with the Royal Ulster Constabulary, the Royal Ulster Constabulary Reserve or the Police Service Northern Ireland by the provision of rehabilitation with the object of preserving and protecting the health of and improving the conditions of life of such members of the Association.

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Wounded Police and Families Association

For a significant number of years victims of terrorism have been slowly buried in a forgotten chapter of history and it was felt that those victims should be recognised as the defenders of the community who made significant sacrifices for the sake of lasting peace in the Province at the level which we are now experiencing. That said, it would seem that, even after many former officers have died after years of bravely fighting pain and injury, their sacrifice and courage still go largely unrecognised. So, after many years of meetings for mutual support it was decided to officially form an association and on 3rd December 2008 at the La Mon Hotel and Country Club, Crossnacreevy ,the Wounded Police and Families Association came into being. We offer support, encouragement and empathy to all those who are victims of terrorism and as our motto says ‘Healing Through Caring, Recognition and Justice’ we are committed to working for those officers and their families who have been entered into the book of forgotten sacrifices to be given the recognition they deserve.

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